Join the Discord Partner Program

24 lut 2021
104 769 wyświetleń

How to apply:
We want to support those that go above and beyond in their quest to create a home on Discord that’s welcoming, inclusive, and generally all-round delightful. These noteworthy communities get access to a suite of special perks, designed to help them continue to thrive and create meaningful connections.
What are the perks?
💫 Personalize your server with a Custom URL, Server Banner, and Invite Splash.
💫 Get access to the Partners-only server for speedy help and advice
💫 Receive a special badge on your server, get Discord Nitro and other rewards for you and your community

  • no

    pp ppppp pppDzień temu
  • Discord? Is this anime?

    S MODES MODEDzień temu
  • 0:21 Wait, Wispy you shouldn't be here

    Blade MasterBlade MasterDzień temu
  • I need an wumpus plushie

    Bizzare_DarkBizzare_Dark3 dni temu

    HyphenssHyphenss4 dni temu
  • Wtf happened to discord

    Faroos • 12 Years Ago •Faroos • 12 Years Ago •6 dni temu
  • How.

    Me is Nice24Me is Nice247 dni temu
  • furry

    Suna 〈3Suna 〈37 dni temu
  • a guy with a horn

    ThuyThuy8 dni temu
  • My respecc for the animators: 📈📈📈📈📈

    ExtramiteExtramite9 dni temu
  • DerasLTUDerasLTU9 dni temu
    • DerasLTUDerasLTU9 dni temu
  • would be nice if the rejection emails were more in-depth as to what's wrong :|

    XultroniXXultroniX10 dni temu
  • You denied my application 3 times even though I was eligible

  • 0:18 the discord dog

    VintageVintage10 dni temu

    Flaming FireFlaming Fire10 dni temu
  • you found some verified accounts

    panda lovers play robloxpanda lovers play roblox10 dni temu
  • 0:22 kirby tree :D

    attlinoattlino10 dni temu
  • Lo siento, tiene dos veces rechazar para mal, pero esta es la empresa juego como oficial y NECESITO SOCIO!

    BenzitczoBenzitczo11 dni temu
  • :(

    The HorizonThe Horizon11 dni temu
    • let me guess.. rejected?

      LoadingLoading9 dni temu
    • :( denied

      Cobalt_InkCobalt_Ink10 dni temu
    • oh wow

      Dortik98FXDortik98FX10 dni temu
  • No one: Comments: Verified Tick go bruhh

    androwin Kingandrowin King12 dni temu
  • yes free nitro

    ReyTheHumanReyTheHuman12 dni temu
  • I tried

    Sory-RNSory-RN12 dni temu
  • Applied today. Wish me luck :)

    Itzm8Itzm812 dni temu
  • So much people over 1M subs are commenting!

    Flower PlayzFlower Playz13 dni temu
  • Still don't understand this

    BananaHead DevBananaHead Dev13 dni temu
  • tips for becoming a discord partner: 1- trip

    Clan TXClan TX13 dni temu
  • Why tf is everyone verified

    KitsuneKitsune14 dni temu
  • 0:24 is that wispy woods

    Ken Muse Mouse CanKen Muse Mouse Can14 dni temu
  • discord why the hell did you make anime of discord partner? why

    TheRedTheRed15 dni temu
  • I don’t know where the captions got *food* from

    KeyZCubeJuniorKeyZCubeJunior17 dni temu
  • I see a lot of people talking about getting kicked out, or reject but... how, just how - has this ( ) gotten away with so much literal fraud. He doesn't care about his community, has a 13 year old "manager" and never interacts with the community. He's a youtuber, and doesn't have the discord invite in his video descriptions or socials.

    Ryan GsmingRyan Gsming17 dni temu
  • Wait so I need to trip over to join discord partner ??

    ItzSpiralItzSpiral17 dni temu
  • POV: You see literal verified PLworldrs having Discord Partner depression

    Drip07Drip0717 dni temu
  • I'm glad discord will become another skype

    Pointless PearPointless Pear18 dni temu
  • i heard discord is getting bought by microsoft what i heard for 10 billion what i heard about it

    Mr. NezukoMr. Nezuko18 dni temu
  • when discord is a furry

    Jaosua TV zaza - Countryball SpeedpaintJaosua TV zaza - Countryball Speedpaint18 dni temu
    • are you

      HiggsIII_HiggsIII_16 dni temu
  • Why does she look like the love child of Dora and Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.

    yINsenyINsen18 dni temu
    • LMAO

      HiggsIII_HiggsIII_16 dni temu
  • Microsoft buy discord

    MewticMewtic19 dni temu

    P1RIG0P1RIG019 dni temu
  • Please do not let Microsoft to buy Discord 😔

    FilippussFilippuss19 dni temu

    おつつきかがみおつつきかがみ19 dni temu
  • m e m b e r

    Pico The PineapplePico The Pineapple19 dni temu
  • please don't leave us :(

    willy337willy33719 dni temu
  • Ah yes discord anime

    TheCatWithInternetTheCatWithInternet19 dni temu
    • ikr

      Ske3cH __Ske3cH __11 dni temu
  • If Microsoft buy Discord, I seriously will missed al of these videos...

    Nafual MeNafual Me19 dni temu
  • Just heard that Microsoft plans to BUY Discord! F in the chat bois!!

    AnthroHDAnthroHD19 dni temu
    • F

      Nafual MeNafual Me19 dni temu
  • Year 2032 update discord.

    Rehaan RashidRehaan Rashid19 dni temu
  • This Partner Program is My Life Goal.I believe I can do this.

    [Pro Jack][Pro Jack]20 dni temu
  • When you release weeb version? I know furry community is all over the place but... UwUen?

    OutlanderOutlander20 dni temu
  • If you are on PLworld on your phone and a friend is on and you are turned on as online or do not disturbed, can the friend see that you are on PLworld

    Idk you Tell meIdk you Tell me20 dni temu
  • don’t y’all know that this is discord”s 99th video

    This Mountainous GuyThis Mountainous Guy21 dzień temu
    • Yep next one is it’s 100th

      Mr PotatoMr Potato20 dni temu
  • Hello good i have a small problem in the game of among us that i get a point in all places i do nota get a character if not a point

    Carmen Gavilán SánchezCarmen Gavilán Sánchez21 dzień temu
  • newest first comments all are just verified lol

    cr33perrrcr33perrr21 dzień temu
  • How to optain a free nitro?, please help me

    • It’s easy bruh I get it every month for free Go to Reddit and make an account then go to a giveaway page where it’s really easy to get nitro I use Reddit to basically get a lot of stuff for free that I just don’t have the time to pay

      Mr PotatoMr Potato20 dni temu
  • Discord, My thing says refused to connect. I've been contacting u alot of times and i've been ignored alot.

    Justin MckenzieJustin Mckenzie21 dzień temu
  • oh cool

    iiAquaticiiAquatic21 dzień temu
  • i hate this but it’s discord so i give it an angry like

    OskarOskar21 dzień temu
  • how do i cancel a request of my discord account being deleted in 14 days.

    Stvenson_Alt2Stvenson_Alt222 dni temu
  • hey whoever run's the support emails, could you please check twitter my @ is @Buddy_pengu I messaged you about my account being disabled, I need help sorting it, please

    Buddy K.Buddy K.22 dni temu
  • Seriously????

    AxviaAxvia23 dni temu
  • 0:25 Oh god, I know what this is a reference to... *oh god they read the yandere simulator memes*

    some random mercsome random merc23 dni temu
  • hi i like the discord and can you give me admin plssss

    Ahmed ChowdhuryAhmed Chowdhury24 dni temu
  • uwu

    Gian GoicoecheaGian Goicoechea24 dni temu
  • I want to build a community... but my server only has 33 members (without counting bots)

    AlejandroAlejandro24 dni temu
  • So this is the discord that hololive members are talking about

    silverrasilverra24 dni temu
  • i need help , i was be with my friend in chat but my discord freeze , after crashed and when im restarted pc im turn on discord but he can be loaded , still loading normally it loads in few seconds

    D Dankoo CZE꧁꧂D Dankoo CZE꧁꧂25 dni temu
  • I've really enjoyed being a partner for these last 4 years!

    David V. KimballDavid V. Kimball25 dni temu
  • Discord, I'm howlin' at the moon And sleepin' in middle of summer afternoon

    AemirAemir25 dni temu
  • Wadaw :v

    NaiTuxanNaiTuxan25 dni temu
  • I got better luck randomly receiving a verification mark on PLworld.

    QwoahQwoah25 dni temu
  • Kurdesh

    RAMAMRAMAM26 dni temu
  • Have fun getting rejected fellas!

    BobBob26 dni temu
  • Discord: trying not to sexualise their app and users Also Discord: Using anime girl in short skirt

    XonkrXonkr26 dni temu
  • discord unable to login to my account

    Team R2Team R226 dni temu
  • I want to work on Discord, but I'm not 18 and I'm brazillian. I'm afraid Discord will end before I'm 18, it makes me really very sad. :(

    EmanuelEmanuel26 dni temu
  • Hey discord im here to say i dont know is a glitch or something but all i copy and paste on discord my discord closes and i cante paste nothing images, texts nothing can u help?

    lUNOOOlUNOOO26 dni temu
  • Discords 99th vid lul

    Hashir MoosaHashir Moosa26 dni temu
  • How to fix the kernel32.DLL in window7

    JAYCEE TVJAYCEE TV26 dni temu
  • Discord: the anime

    SaturneKx /\/\/\SaturneKx /\/\/\26 dni temu
  • I applied for the partner program in December. Got rejected once for the dead chat and then I somehow improved it. Applied for the next time and got rejected again without any reason. Can y’all stop advertising and focus on the program itself? I’m not mad or something but the kids that have spent 1000s of dollars get partnered and meanwhile, We are working hard to partner and we got rejected twice. Discord smart huh

    TheClusterTheCluster26 dni temu
  • I did not know I would find this at 4am

    Dinoman _ 2Dinoman _ 226 dni temu
  • Did I just see wispy woods

    Inkling broInkling bro27 dni temu
  • no

    jotaro 'dolphin' kujojotaro 'dolphin' kujo27 dni temu
  • The Discord could place a requirement of 200 members, in which everybody can have 500 members on a server.

    MysticMystic27 dni temu
  • @everyone :)

    William OcasioWilliam Ocasio27 dni temu

    Fuckoff RubiFuckoff Rubi27 dni temu
  • No.

    websterwebster27 dni temu
  • Wheres dicords discord?

    Mr StealthMr Stealth27 dni temu
  • Discord already forgot about this

    Super Luigi BrosSuper Luigi Bros27 dni temu
  • Yandere discord high school

    averr•averr•28 dni temu
  • sailor moon in a nutshell

    bunnybunny28 dni temu
  • this Doraemon episode feels slightly different

    FairPlayFairPlay28 dni temu
  • Hey discord I was just wondering if you could maybe let people have custom ringtones?

    King of CurrystanKing of Currystan28 dni temu
  • This thing needs to be more child friendly...

    Yeety Muffin XDYeety Muffin XD29 dni temu
  • Who's watching this with no socks on?

    King WoofyKing Woofy29 dni temu

    Şıhmehmet yalçınŞıhmehmet yalçınMiesiąc temu
  • People are complaining cuz you actually have a following now to be a partner lol.

    ElryElryMiesiąc temu
  • amogus

    mrtddmrtddMiesiąc temu
  • How to have wumpus pet?

    cool man 420cool man 420Miesiąc temu
  • More give more

    OkOkMiesiąc temu