Discord PAX South Vlog 2019 - NEW BOOTH EDITION

5 lut 2019
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We went to PAX South and had a NEW BOOOOTH there

  • packs

    KrakenKrakenMiesiąc temu
  • Lmao Mallory owo

    MarshmallowMarshmallow4 miesięcy temu
  • 12 year old me trying to get hired by Discord

    Iwane TheOneIwane TheOne5 miesięcy temu
  • If Anyone wants to join my new server!!! 😀 discord.gg/MF9J9mq

  • I. want. a. wumpus plushie.

    AlibeAlibe8 miesięcy temu
  • I remember that con. I stole the free stickers and pins :3

    xXvmprXxxXvmprXx9 miesięcy temu

    RegenerationRegeneration11 miesięcy temu
  • whats the name fo the song, at 2:24

    Karos AbdolaKaros AbdolaRok temu
  • selam

    Kraken ProjectKraken ProjectRok temu
  • OMG HI I have a server. My DREAM is the fomous server! :) discord.gg/p3AEh33

    HD TrailersHD TrailersRok temu
  • i wish i can see you guys over there because i went to discord i love to last year the nightmare and i also have the merch or booth

    Super VegitoSuper VegitoRok temu
  • Ain't that the guy form ■■■■■

    EniEniRok temu
  • fuck you

    MrBenzleeHereMrBenzleeHereRok temu
  • looks fun to work at discord i will probably work there when im 20 im almost 18 know

  • Please come to Ukraine)))

    VistuVistuRok temu
  • Stop hating on discord please

    Moni2OniMoni2OniRok temu
  • Fuck discord, its the same shit like every other company this days, selling our privacy for their growth... In a normal world you would get a long arrest in prison for all your doing!

    Arminius RexArminius RexRok temu
  • Mallory is so cute 😍

    ParNeXParNeXRok temu
  • 2:40 is that brazil i hear :)

    WalkingDudeWalkingDudeRok temu
  • Oof

    CyberCyber2 lat temu
  • 2:05, i wish u where

    llamacarftllamacarft2 lat temu
  • We would have Discord on ps4

    J. S.J. S.2 lat temu
  • discord.gg/aq9KUQX good pokecord

    Andreas Bårtvedt EikAndreas Bårtvedt Eik2 lat temu
  • I am going to work at Discord...

    Ayub Omar AdenAyub Omar Aden2 lat temu
  • How do you add a video on to discord? I clicked the + button, but i can only add pictures. And, when i went onto gallery and tried uploading a bideo from there, it said that the file was too big. IT IS 6 SECONDS LONG. like, wtf

    JJ.JJ.2 lat temu
  • Please don't ban Giffed avatars with non-nitro people every app have glitches we only founding them (sorry for my english.)

    Who comments Good Comment But Gets 0 LikesWho comments Good Comment But Gets 0 Likes2 lat temu
  • Still waiting for folders, so i can organize my folders and minimize what i want viewed. Not that hard to implement.

  • Discord. Can you please reply to my apologies since I got disabled from discord... If I don’t get a response then this discord service is dead.

    CrazyJerryCrazyJerry2 lat temu
  • 666comments

    Rafael Iñigo Zion L. ALINDOGANRafael Iñigo Zion L. ALINDOGAN2 lat temu
  • When are y'all adding diss cord to swich......

    innokes Haarinnokes Haar2 lat temu
  • Pax?

    PaxPax2 lat temu
  • ok so i got this message just a few mins ago is it true,? @everyone Dear discord members, Discord is suppose to be closing down it is recently becoming very overpopulated. there have been many members complaining that discord is becoming very slow. Records show that there are many active discord members and on the other side, many new members. We will be sending this message around to see if members are active or not. If you are active please send to 5 other servers using copy+paste to show that you are still active. *Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks will be deleted without hesitation to make more space. Send this message to all of your guilds to show that you are still active and you will not be deleted without hesitation to make more space. Today This coming 11pm,all discord accounts will be CUT. This is according from the creator of discord (Defining PurposeO:). All the activities that was being done this time will be delay, SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. To save you're discord accounts, please forward this message to 5 discord servers for us to make sure that you are active user of discord. If can't pass this to 5 guilds you're account will be cut without hesitancy GET HANGOUTS

    KawaiiKittenCakez!!KawaiiKittenCakez!!2 lat temu
    • Ok

      KawaiiKittenCakez!!KawaiiKittenCakez!!2 lat temu
    • Just to clarify, this isn't an official announcement from Discord, and any public announcement we would make will be broadcast across our official accounts, not heard second-hand! In general though, the best safety practice is to stay cautious of strangers and be wary of unknown links!

      DiscordDiscord2 lat temu
  • My discords acting up rn Idk where else to go

    _DoM__DoM_2 lat temu
  • @everyone

    vishvish2 lat temu
  • Add discord to PlayStation

    Νικος ΚανΝικος Καν2 lat temu
  • U needa stop the ROBLOX scam bots from coming into discord

    E ChE Ch2 lat temu
  • SCAM BOTS ARE EVOLVING IN DISCORD from roblox to discord

    Natsuki-DDLCNatsuki-DDLC2 lat temu
  • Does Discord have a team in Turkey? *epic if they did aaa*

    MineatomTRMineatomTR2 lat temu
  • Hey I’m your new subscriber and I got discord

    MrWinter 05MrWinter 052 lat temu
  • Nobody: Discord: (allow cub porn)

    Diego Brando High VoltageDiego Brando High Voltage2 lat temu
    • nobody: you: *still talks about the cub porn thing even after they dealt with the issue*

      voxanevoxane2 lat temu
  • @this is very important @here Look out for a Discord user by the name of "potatotailbaka07" with the tag #6710. He is going around sending friend requests to random Discord users, and those who accept his friend requests will have their accounts DDoSed and their groups exposed with the members inside it becoming a victim aswell. Spread the word and send this to as many discord servers as you can. If you see this user, DO NOT accept his friend request and immediately block him. Our team is currently working very hard to remove this user from our database, please stay safe. -Discord team Copy and paste this to all of the servers you are in

    funtime foxy gamingfuntime foxy gaming2 lat temu
  • The best game ever is discord

    B01.ABANTO,Matt Lawrence Abanto L.B01.ABANTO,Matt Lawrence Abanto L.2 lat temu
  • Comments section : furry or some shit Me : that's a some cute wumpus nitro statue !

    SebySeby2 lat temu
  • You know, we have discord on: iOS Android Mac Pc Xbox But when do we get discord on PS4??

    ViggisYTViggisYT2 lat temu
  • Wanna join legism discord.gg/vPeQJpM

    Echo CloudsEcho Clouds2 lat temu
  • Yooo it’s DISCORD Join my SPIDER FORCE COMMUNITY discord.gg/u9kYaN

    Electro ProductionElectro Production2 lat temu
  • phew, just a fluke.

    MoroslasherMoroslasher2 lat temu
  • Explain why so many people the play Hoi4 got banned from discord

    Asher ParentAsher Parent2 lat temu

    Chuen ChowChuen Chow2 lat temu
  • But i thought i was gonna be gnomed.

    TEStYOSTEStYOS2 lat temu
  • Ll

    geo weogeo weo2 lat temu
  • If anybitch need a real dicj hit me up idgaf lmfao, buy if yall on the bs dont even message me cuz Kaii ☝😋☝ 👇😘👇#6904

    LilDemani 2kLilDemani 2k2 lat temu
  • 99%=talking about cub porn problem 1%=also talking about cub porn problem

    muramura2 lat temu
  • StIl AlLoWiNg CUb pOrN?! SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

    BaronBaron2 lat temu
  • Can you enable screenshare on mobile?

    Arson PersonArson Person2 lat temu

    RedX1212RedX12122 lat temu
  • smells like libtardism here

    AleksAleks2 lat temu
  • Discord Nitroglycerin when?

    Dlrss1v2Dlrss1v22 lat temu
  • delet this

    Dlrss1v2Dlrss1v22 lat temu
  • B E G O N E C U B

    Sade_ESSade_ES2 lat temu
  • wumbo combo Wumbo Combo WUMBO COMBO *WUMBO COMBO* Mee6: aye m8 that's too much caps sotp >:(

    Bxndy DRDBxndy DRD2 lat temu
  • Why i cant install my discord

    Doubleman DDoubleman D2 lat temu
    • Thank you very much, but i will open it on my computer

      Doubleman DDoubleman D2 lat temu
    • Sorry for the trouble. Can you send us a message at dis.gd/contact with your device details, so we can help isolate the issue?

      DiscordDiscord2 lat temu
  • So furrys using cub as a means to beat of to child porn throughout public Discord servers seems good to some mods huh? So glad there's a PAX event, so proud of the little child molesters for coming together at PAX as a community.

    Someone2002Someone20022 lat temu
  • How Can I be discors partner?

    CAN AstrCAN Astr2 lat temu
  • Join the Duckie Squad on Discord! discord.gg/Dd6gzz

    BrodyBrody2 lat temu
  • You guys need a graphic designer? Lol

    DeliriumxdDeliriumxd2 lat temu
  • They send me an invitation from any group of discord and I get an invitation not valid help

    DestokeMCDestokeMC2 lat temu
  • Hypesquad discordapp.com/hypesquad

    MikeOriginsMikeOrigins2 lat temu
  • Just ban all underage furry dating servers and discord will be better

    RickYEETRickYEET2 lat temu
  • Hey, Discord! I am Main Organisator of Latvian Universitys CSGO tournament CS:UNIGO! How we can contact with You to talk about Sponsoring and supporting?

    CS:UNIGO E-sport TournamentCS:UNIGO E-sport Tournament2 lat temu
    • You can contact our community team here: dis.gd/cprog

      DiscordDiscord2 lat temu
  • Go to discord.gg/v3JAs6

    『Flareツ』『Flareツ』2 lat temu

    Jack WilkoJack Wilko2 lat temu
  • Badboy16#4202 is my discord add me

    guiliano elizondoguiliano elizondo2 lat temu
  • hey Discord how do you get merch I want all of your merch

    Timetomine32 [TPDF]Timetomine32 [TPDF]2 lat temu
    • @Discordonce I get the money ill buy some merch (Discord is better that all apps)

      Timetomine32 [TPDF]Timetomine32 [TPDF]2 lat temu
    • merch.discordappcom

      DiscordDiscord2 lat temu
  • You guys fucked up

    dragon beastdragon beast2 lat temu
  • My discord wont open up

    Diamond WarriorDiamond Warrior2 lat temu
  • hello,i do not understand why being less than 13 inst allowed on discord,i went to discord to try having more gaming experience but i cannot use it as im below 13,why discord?

    JuliosszJuliossz2 lat temu
  • surprised you havent been caught by the FBI. #ChangeDiscord

    MetalBitMetalBit2 lat temu
  • Here is a discord Tutorial plworld.info/show/onWin9CuiJWYfc4/wideo.html

    BBA EditzBBA Editz2 lat temu
  • ban allthefoxes, thanks.

    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ2 lat temu
  • aight i know its weird as fuck to ship real living breathing existing people and idk if theyre in their own relationships or their orientations but as of rn? mallory and zack? (sksksk idk how to spell their names-) really great best friends !!!

    IssaIssa2 lat temu
  • u-uwu

    Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Action!Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Action!2 lat temu
  • *wHeRe'S jEnUiNe AnD AnUlOt*

    altertorielaltertoriel2 lat temu
  • *knock knock* discord:*out of the office in some stupid convention* The fans and the FBI: FBI OPEN UP!

    DaDARKPassDaDARKPass2 lat temu

    michael sanchezmichael sanchez2 lat temu
  • they need to see this: plworld.info/show/lF15d7iprIq3aLg/wideo.html

    Flaming_ArrowFlaming_Arrow2 lat temu
  • discord.gg/NPYDWu2 Join my discord

    Solo leveling mmv/amv/news ✓Solo leveling mmv/amv/news ✓2 lat temu
  • can someone explain the furry comments-

    j-slayj-slay2 lat temu
  • You said you listin to users feedback right? So why aren't you??

    Zander GrachZander Grach2 lat temu
  • can you get all the furries of the site

    Dagoth UrDagoth Ur2 lat temu
  • Hi I am Kevin and I have one thing too say don't go on discord unless you want to get ban

    Kevin PetersKevin Peters2 lat temu
  • discord overlay is making me too rage is not working come ooon

    5Dois5Dois2 lat temu
  • im want developer Nazlet1337#8812

    Nazlet1337Nazlet13372 lat temu
  • Ah, a nice comment section without any controversy. *oh*

    Henry WilsonHenry Wilson2 lat temu
  • Spying ware app

    Chris MezaChris Meza2 lat temu
  • #ChangeDiscord

    Earthsam ProductionsEarthsam Productions2 lat temu
  • Hey there Discord, I Have a question, well 2. Even though I am still not old enough to work at Discord, can you work there if you are over 13+? And second question, I Have 3 jobs in mind, Author, PLworldr, and now a Discord job. Can I still be able to do all 3 if I am accepted to work there?

    Waves ProductionsWaves Productions2 lat temu
    • Hello there! Just to let you know, you must be at least 18 years old to work at Discord. You're more than welcome to send us an application then!: dis.gd/jobs As for your second question, you can absolutely write and work on PLworld videos whenever you like! :D

      DiscordDiscord2 lat temu
  • Whos here after watching the "discord is shutting down video"

    Justin RaphaelJustin Raphael2 lat temu
  • What the actual fuck is wrong with you people Just And I have no where else to talk to my friends too Jesus fucking Christ You all disgusting me

    Child #253Child #2532 lat temu
  • Lol u gae furry

    забавный человекзабавный человек2 lat temu