Wave Hello to Discord Server Video 馃憢

14 maj 2020
613 571 wy艣wietle艅

You can now see each other's shining faces in a server voice channel. Share your camera, your screen (or both!) at the same time. Available on desktop, web, iOS, and soon on Android.
How to Server Video: dis.gd/servervideo
The Story of How Server Video Came To Be: dis.gd/sayhi2servideo

  • Wait, this became a feature only last year, in May?? I remember there being a video chat option long before that.

    Malik NarayaninMalik Narayanin9 dni temu
  • finally

    Gerg艖 M.Gerg艖 M.9 dni temu
  • who sees this comment when discord is at 666k subs

    VNG M4nzVNG M4nz12 dni temu
  • Promo : a fun place for games and more Actuality: the wild west of online

    SkoperinSkoperin13 dni temu
  • Rip discord when Microsoft buys them

    GroovyGreayGroovyGreay13 dni temu
  • OMG DID MONKE USES DISCORD馃槼馃Η馃槼馃Η馃槼馃Η馃Η馃Η馃槼馃槼馃槼?!?!?!?!!?111

    BallBall14 dni temu
  • Wheres Jean, barbara?

    Headshot OtakuHeadshot Otaku15 dni temu
  • i really wants to work in discord office

    ZairyFroz 712ZairyFroz 71216 dni temu
  • Ngomong opo?

    Anak PocoAnak Poco16 dni temu
  • i thought this was a thing since 2015

    MightyJKFMightyJKF17 dni temu
  • 0:00 why dont we have this transition when we open discord...

    Super GamingSuper Gaming18 dni temu
  • I hate this new voice :/

    Miv2nirMiv2nir18 dni temu
  • i waved

    Kawaii goldfishKawaii goldfishMiesi膮c temu
  • When she has the cursed tag of #0000

    Menoua IssagholianMenoua IssagholianMiesi膮c temu
  • Is no one gonna talk about how that account's tag is #0000? Damn.

    quack95quack95Miesi膮c temu
  • In the tumbnail there are squares triangals circles and x that's kind of familiar

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage KiraMiesi膮c temu
  • They killed the funny guy here :(

    LoneDeer438LoneDeer4382 miesi臋cy temu
  • I was in discord for 3 years, how did i not know it?

    Slxshy SketchesSlxshy Sketches2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Cool :)

    The Greater Olympus Of WCG Ok.The Greater Olympus Of WCG Ok.2 miesi臋cy temu
  • Where is the old guy ??

    1k subs before 2022 ?1k subs before 2022 ?2 miesi臋cy temu
  • human pics

    Not Carl-botNot Carl-bot3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Is it possible to make video call with more than 25 people?

    Enkhsaikhan MEnkhsaikhan M3 miesi臋cy temu
  • "and you are a crap" I feel attacked

    Corrupted CodeCorrupted Code3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Hello

    seeforkatseeforkat3 miesi臋cy temu
  • where is the old narrator

    turtleturtle3 miesi臋cy temu

    Actually TeaActually Tea3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Where it all began on the discord PLworld channel

    Bread boiBread boi3 miesi臋cy temu

    Ayuzawa YukinaAyuzawa Yukina3 miesi臋cy temu
  • woah this is existed back in may? Then why the hell am i using: 1.Google meet for school (only on temporary quarantines) 2.Zoom for extracurriculary classes 3.Edvoice for also extracurriculary classes Don't they know about discord? WHY don't they know about discord? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    CarMedicineCarMedicine3 miesi臋cy temu
  • i just got recommended this tf

    Aprooce YoutubeAprooce Youtube3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Monke

    carnatzubioniccarnatzubionic3 miesi臋cy temu
  • monke

    kaparriikaparrii3 miesi臋cy temu
  • I swear I remember using this ages before it came out in a server vc with no one

    Blueberry The DogBlueberry The Dog3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Except it crashes every so often when you use the video and is really laggy.

    Haaris QureshiHaaris Qureshi3 miesi臋cy temu
  • These comments aged horribly

    jo ejo e3 miesi臋cy temu
  • "human-pics"

    A 1A 13 miesi臋cy temu
  • *Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams has left the chat*

    KrazyKitty KatKrazyKitty Kat3 miesi臋cy temu
  • why is there a different narrator? :(

    wonderpwonderp3 miesi臋cy temu
  • imagine having a #0000 tag grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr add it back

    Krnl-chanKrnl-chan3 miesi臋cy temu
  • #0000

    viviraaviviraa3 miesi臋cy temu
  • my teacher already has discord ok he dosnt now, also where do you hide a body?

    thetallpelicanthetallpelican3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Inside we are all crabs.

    hamham3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Today I learned that time isn't real, nice

    OurioOurio3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Nobody gonna talk about the person named ShyGuy?

    A Murder Of CrowsA Murder Of Crows3 miesi臋cy temu
  • "floating through the ocean because time isnt real"

    teddy tracyteddy tracy3 miesi臋cy temu
  • To be honest, schools can use a whole server for a whole campus.

    Emiko AiboEmiko Aibo3 miesi臋cy temu
  • How do I remove my basement door banging

    The Angry FreddyThe Angry Freddy3 miesi臋cy temu
  • Finally, I can see kitten the minor e-girl

    Marie Rose HaggiMarie Rose Haggi4 miesi臋cy temu
  • I'm just waiting for this to happen.. you know what I mean

    DeltraMCDeltraMC4 miesi臋cy temu
  • discord is waiting till this day because i dont have a webcam

    Theo MaiaTheo Maia4 miesi臋cy temu
  • school should replace zoom with discord

    asyyloasyylo4 miesi臋cy temu
  • but that #0000 tag...

    camelCasedSnivycamelCasedSnivy4 miesi臋cy temu
  • what is your discord?

    Rock Star Toy BonnieRock Star Toy Bonnie4 miesi臋cy temu

    Ambar Danae P茅rez BarrientosAmbar Danae P茅rez Barrientos5 miesi臋cy temu
  • Discord is the most useless existence EVER , Why AM I Not Able to join Voice chat today in a server ? I click the button and its not clicked, like a troll button Discord itself. Update yourself PLEASE! Discord is the most useless existence EVER , i submit my issue it say "NOTE: You will need to reply to this email if you would like to forward this ticket to our support team!" without leave a single email, discord is dumb and doom to fail. Clyde, PERIOD.

    Doliea LamhopaDoliea Lamhopa5 miesi臋cy temu
  • 馃憢

    Mr PeanutsMr Peanuts5 miesi臋cy temu
  • Plot twist: this is a Discord developer flexing her #0000 tag

    螖 Platzwarter 螖 Luftwaffe 螖螖 Platzwarter 螖 Luftwaffe 螖5 miesi臋cy temu
  • Where鈥檚 April fools

    ShaggaWaggaShaggaWagga5 miesi臋cy temu
  • Can u make a video so we can hear the secret ring tone?

    Minty GamingMinty Gaming5 miesi臋cy temu
  • discord. give whale his freedom

    QuiiverrQuiiverr5 miesi臋cy temu
  • 馃憢

    ChrispycoopChrispycoop5 miesi臋cy temu
  • lul

    SadakittoSadakitto5 miesi臋cy temu
  • my discord server is just dead

    XuzXuz5 miesi臋cy temu
  • my tooth just came out

    Anti KAS YoutubeAnti KAS Youtube6 miesi臋cy temu
  • Now do this but moblie streaming

    Some PersonSome Person6 miesi臋cy temu
  • #00000

    N E X ON E X O6 miesi臋cy temu
  • *"Here at Discord, we take our jobs seriously."* yes they did

    CharldeonArchivedCharldeonArchived6 miesi臋cy temu
  • Imagine making online class on discord

    Ancient DeeebrisAncient Deeebris6 miesi臋cy temu
  • Can you make it so you can stream on ios

    ROGUE SUJIROGUE SUJI6 miesi臋cy temu
  • alr can someone help me so uh on a server I鈥檓 in in order to access the general talk or whatever I have to react to the bot with 鉁旓笍 but idk how to react to it and the server is read only

    浜曚笂銈广偔浜曚笂銈广偔6 miesi臋cy temu
  • _you have started a gang war_

    Bryan SBryan S6 miesi臋cy temu
  • barbara tag: 0000

    Marked OneMarked One6 miesi臋cy temu
  • The one that I added when the video came out

    Confused Unga bungaConfused Unga bunga7 miesi臋cy temu
  • My other comment

    Confused Unga bungaConfused Unga bunga7 miesi臋cy temu
  • I can鈥檛 find my comment on this video

    Confused Unga bungaConfused Unga bunga7 miesi臋cy temu
  • @everyone Hey guys did you know that today is my birfday?鈥 -that one random kid in a 2000+ member discord server

    Pleasecomebackjessica,Icantaffordchildsupport.Pleasecomebackjessica,Icantaffordchildsupport.7 miesi臋cy temu
  • Hello

    gaming_timegaming_time7 miesi臋cy temu
  • My teachers still gonna use zoom.

    K PK P7 miesi臋cy temu
  • Damn that #0000 Flex

    Dimitrij KDimitrij K7 miesi臋cy temu
  • Discord takes their work very seriously I can tell

    RadHaxGTRadHaxGT7 miesi臋cy temu
  • epic

    Chris fbi100kChris fbi100k7 miesi臋cy temu
  • discord.gg/9d9j27

    London is blue lLondon is blue l7 miesi臋cy temu
  • discord.gg/6gud5Et

    Overdid!Overdid!7 miesi臋cy temu

      Overdid!Overdid!7 miesi臋cy temu
  • Q: do u guys have a discord server (discord conpany having a discord server)

    InvisibleInvisible7 miesi臋cy temu
  • *鈥滺ere at Discord we take our jobs very seriously鈥*

    TweeleafTweeleaf7 miesi臋cy temu
  • discord just zooms past the competition

    DrakeFruitDrakeFruit7 miesi臋cy temu
  • all hail discord

    moikeumoikeu7 miesi臋cy temu
  • Zoom is for losers Teams is for average people who aren鈥檛 losers Discord is for *_GODS_*

    Ambas FamilyAmbas Family7 miesi臋cy temu
  • **TIME ISN鈥橳 REAL**

    PlushiStarsPlushiStars7 miesi臋cy temu
  • We need an ad for it so teachers will use Discord instead of zoom or other stuff

    ShavixShavix7 miesi臋cy temu
  • 0:27 monke

    讋7 miesi臋cy temu
  • **how do I make bold text**

    gloppglopp7 miesi臋cy temu
    • I did it

      gloppglopp7 miesi臋cy temu
  • I like the mascot for Discord, its cute

    ImmortalGamingImmortalGaming7 miesi臋cy temu
  • Hey, Can You Give Me The Link To The Server Named 鈥淭he Zoo?鈥

    Remington TheAwesomeMonkeyRemington TheAwesomeMonkey7 miesi臋cy temu
  • 0:07 Umm, pfft as if that鈥檚 a real video of me.

    A CrabA Crab7 miesi臋cy temu
  • Say goodbye to zoom and say hello to Discord

    DubStepDubStep7 miesi臋cy temu
  • discord why can people under 13- not have a discord server and yes i'm now 13 and i waited 2 years to use discord

    AayushIsGoneAayushIsGone8 miesi臋cy temu
    • It for children safety you see, intenet is sensitive place and May have something children shouldn't see such as gore or nsfw things, for safety anyont under 13 year old aren't allowed, sure kid May mad and couldn't understand why but it for their safety

      KB FaqihKB Faqih3 miesi臋cy temu
  • I wish this was actually a TV commercial.

    SultanaSultana8 miesi臋cy temu
  • 馃憢

    DuckDuck8 miesi臋cy temu
  • Nobody: Discord: puts the name of a dolphin as "jungle cat"

    Kunath HouseKunath House8 miesi臋cy temu
    • And don鈥檛 forget 鈥渃hunkeh munkeh鈥

      Maya_VibezMaya_Vibez8 miesi臋cy temu