Call Upon Your Mighty Server Bots With Slash Commands

25 mar 2021
201 340 wyświetleń

Slash Commands are here to make it easier to use bots! As soon as your favorite bots have migrated, you'll only need to type forward-slash ("/") to bring up a list of all possible commands rather than spam-guessing them.
/details here:

  • /help

    Justin BustamanteJustin Bustamante11 godzin temu
  • .

    CraftMineCraftMine15 godzin temu
  • My bot use sudo as Slash.

    Devin LucaschuDevin LucaschuDzień temu
  • rip to the 79 dollars for the footage of the docter person or something im not smort

    IanKavaIanKava2 dni temu
  • People who bully people for getting the wrong command are the worst people

    Nooob69 420Nooob69 4202 dni temu
  • False advertising, you said we don't need to use the keyboard but the slash key is on the keyboard

    GameDogGameDog2 dni temu
  • Well, theres 1 problem. Servers with Dank Memer can use /choose. and then Dank Memer will ping someone or it can even ping @everyone. Causing people to leave the server.

    SparksSparks2 dni temu
  • @everyone

    NexusNexus2 dni temu
  • /endvideo

    MimicMimic2 dni temu

    AntyRipperAntyRipper2 dni temu
  • Fun Fact: discord doesnt have its own discord server

    KhajasKhajas2 dni temu
  • /wannadie

    Fat BoiFat Boi2 dni temu
  • Nice

    YuTseYTYuTseYT3 dni temu
  • ey why are you harrasing me

    ScrollLockScrollLock3 dni temu
  • ah

    Kajetan MiliankovicKajetan Miliankovic4 dni temu
  • /gamemode 1

    Snivy4Snivy44 dni temu
  • /choose @everyone @here

    AlyssaAlyssa5 dni temu
  • I choose, @everyone

    Yellow LAVAYellow LAVA5 dni temu
  • thanks now i can just use slash commands for literally every command as if / was the prefix this whole time

    Clar1nettistClar1nettist5 dni temu
  • What about rm-rf/ tho

    sannidhya balkotesannidhya balkote6 dni temu
  • Hey, that's nice. But what about single screen sharing on Linux?

    [IYM]DeltaForce[IYM]DeltaForce6 dni temu
  • Now I cant make the :/

    Seal GuySeal Guy6 dni temu
  • command failure! laugh at this user,

    Faiz A.RFaiz A.R6 dni temu
  • 0:27 I'm on mobile LMAO

    ItspowerinaroItspowerinaro6 dni temu
  • oh no I'm a bot developer and this means I have to do work to implement this feature ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    The Cubic LogThe Cubic Log6 dni temu

    Hi SubscribersHi Subscribers6 dni temu
  • Yeah i would like the / sign so much.Thanks discord ♥️💞🤘🏻

    James DelrosarioJames Delrosario6 dni temu
  • /choose 1st: @everyone 2nd: @everyone

    TypicalDudeTypicalDude6 dni temu
  • Yeah that didn't fix customname's problem

    QarQar7 dni temu
  • How about you add iDeal payment option, because I cant buy boost.

    MrauksiaMrauksia7 dni temu
  • r/slashupdate

    javaman7javaman77 dni temu
  • Doesnt seem to work lol, i would hope this gets fixed soon

    Jason7Jason77 dni temu
  • Ohhh this is how slash cmd works I kept on typing the same cmd and Many people laugh at me ;’)

    •Rin ••Rin •7 dni temu
  • Lol

    Yufeng yanYufeng yan7 dni temu
  • Sniffle

    Fnaf MojoFnaf Mojo7 dni temu
  • Sky 75Sky 758 dni temu
  • dank memer @everyone bypass situation.

    parapara8 dni temu
  • Goodbye discord,you will forever be ruined by Microsoft.

    Anime sucksAnime sucks8 dni temu
  • Okay now are /summon

    gklvx 12gklvx 128 dni temu
  • I know that voice...

    NeoplumesNeoplumes8 dni temu
  • Yay

    Chaos HNChaos HN9 dni temu
  • Exept all bot use !

    Shadow OrbShadow Orb9 dni temu
  • 0:58 is that wood man? >:]

    Professor PootisProfessor Pootis9 dni temu
  • Pure cringe

    CupangkoiCupangkoi9 dni temu
    • @Anime sucks Cope

      CupangkoiCupangkoi7 dni temu
    • Says the weeb

      Anime sucksAnime sucks7 dni temu
  • Nice

    Dead BlazeDead Blaze9 dni temu
  • Dank Memer: I choose.. @everyone!

    Whited WilliamsWhited Williams9 dni temu
  • ok here's a question, what do you feel about scratch banning you from their web?

    salk79salk799 dni temu
  • add /roll pls.

    EhmuradEhmurad9 dni temu
  • Hi discord, do you exist?

    TurfPlatformTurfPlatform9 dni temu
  • Copied from TELEGRAM

    KrishKrish9 dni temu
  • Does /give work?

    Goober the SpookerGoober the Spooker9 dni temu
  • waiting for djs to have slash commands h

    DefNot LesiDefNot Lesi9 dni temu
  • Aren't we have Dyno bot? why is there a Dino bot xDD

    Tukitori MasamiTukitori Masami9 dni temu
  • As a bot dev, this is badass

    ScieScie9 dni temu
  • /give free nitro

    your average cereal enjoyeryour average cereal enjoyer9 dni temu
  • discord dont accept microsoft!!

    Spacerdeluxe1Spacerdeluxe19 dni temu
  • Should I add this to my bot or keep ‘em guessing?

    Jonathan HeitzJonathan Heitz9 dni temu
  • That backfired

    whowho9 dni temu
  • I choose @everyone

    alsta017alsta01710 dni temu
  • cool but can it discuss what the definitive age of consent should be?

    Dr0pp3dDr0pp3d10 dni temu
  • When the mind craft

    Bengio_10Bengio_1010 dni temu
  • i love how they made this feature seem usable..

    ariaaria10 dni temu
  • how do you register slash commands for autocomplete from bot w/ discord js

    potato potatopotato potato10 dni temu
  • Discord are the only brand that doesn't need to be hip to make comedy

    Creasta LungaCreasta Lunga10 dni temu
  • !help

    JessicaJessica10 dni temu
  • Yes!!!! Telegram had this feature for years, and now Discord has them!

    Kevin BhasiKevin Bhasi10 dni temu
  • "This footage cost $79 so he'd better be a real doctor"

    ClippyClippy10 dni temu
  • waiting for this on discord.js :(

    SpyynzSpyynz10 dni temu

    Mihajlo CvetanovićMihajlo Cvetanović10 dni temu
  • /choose @everyone @here with dank memer 🤣‼️

    PlutobtwPlutobtw10 dni temu
  • He SaId StRaIghT!1!!1!1!!1!11111!!! CaNclE hIm TwIttEr

    Gabriel HansonGabriel Hanson10 dni temu
  • 0:39 at the bottom: *”this footage cost $79 so he’d better be a real doctor”*

    JecooJecoo10 dni temu
  • lit

    Brothin ChoudhuryBrothin Choudhury10 dni temu
  • /

    Pionirski ZecPionirski Zec10 dni temu
  • It's 669k subscrib

    im a humanim a human10 dni temu
  • Easy for users Painful for developers

    GalaxyVinci05GalaxyVinci0510 dni temu
  • how dare you dissable my account

    Wendy testaburgerWendy testaburger10 dni temu
  • 0:36 that one makes my keyboard glow, thats literally all it does

    MarkoGOLEMMarkoGOLEM10 dni temu
  • If only they did anything agaisnt pedos

    Staringcorgi6Staringcorgi610 dni temu
  • You guys said one key but my EU keyboard wants me to press two keys to get slash!!! I feel very jebaited.

    RonjaRonja10 dni temu
  • The guy who did /choose 1st: @everyone in a server.

    Juztine64456 MaticJuztine64456 Matic10 dni temu
  • discord: releases slash commands for bots dank memer: adds support march 25/26, 2021. the /choose incident.

    chesches10 dni temu
  • As a developer, using slash commands is a no brainer I can include all the info the user needs built right into their client, people love it so far, but I can’t wait to bring this feature out of beta for my bot

    Smirf123Smirf12310 dni temu
  • /choose @everyone @everyone

    GamistixGamistix10 dni temu
  • /play

    Zazaku GamingZazaku Gaming10 dni temu
  • I just will remain with the good ol’ MEE6 :D

    Arthur must stopArthur must stop10 dni temu

    Michael KnaapMichael Knaap10 dni temu
  • Discord how do i disable hardware accerelation now because when i went to apperance it wasnt there even tho i went to the the thing it said to go to if you didnt find it

    b0sslance_prob0sslance_pro10 dni temu
  • Don’t let Microsoft buy discord!

    Dj Enderman 177 And benny 2ndDj Enderman 177 And benny 2nd10 dni temu
  • LOL

    Allan Dexter14Allan Dexter1410 dni temu
  • Good ad, one of the only companies that have cool ads

    Ragnarock100Ragnarock10010 dni temu
  • Please don't sell Discord to Microsoft.

    TaskIDTaskID10 dni temu
  • “Grueling research.” *this footage cost 79$ so he better be a real doctor*

    Nine Tailed FoxNine Tailed Fox10 dni temu

    ́́10 dni temu
  • One of the only ads I'd actually watch tbh.

    zUltrazUltra10 dni temu
  • Don't Let Microsoft Buy You :/

    PapiPapi10 dni temu
  • What if I have more then 1 bot in my server and one has /commands and second one has .commands?

    Patrik BorovecPatrik Borovec10 dni temu
  • discod

    crazykole lolcrazykole lol10 dni temu
  • "Call Upon Your Mighty Server Bots With Slash Commands" trolls: *it's free real estate*

    AvoidingClownsAvoidingClowns10 dni temu
  • WUMPUS!!!

    Szymon KęmpkaSzymon Kęmpka10 dni temu